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Submitting Objection to Closing River Slaney to Salmon Fishing.

Posted on by David

Guidelines on submitting objection:

“Inland Fisheries Division,
Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment,
Elm House,
Earlsvale Road,
Cavan Town.
H12 A8H7

Re: Draft Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme Regulations 2016

Dear Sirs

I am writing to object to the proposed closure of the River Slaney to salmon fishing for the 2017 season as set out in the draft regulations published on 11 November 2016.”

The letter/email could include the following points:

* Slaney River Trust is a conservation organisation. Its members are quite prepared to fish on a catch and release basis and have no desire to kill fish

* Serious concern that if the river is closed stocks will reduce through poaching rather than increase as seems to be the objective of closure

* Angler presence on the river deters poachers and assists the staff of Inland Fisheries Ireland in protecting stocks

* The Slaney is a Special Area of Conservation under the Habitats Directive, mainly because of its scarce multi sea winter salmon stock

* The environmental disaster taking place at Clohamon with large numbers of fish trapped in the tailrace and unable to spawn should be main priority

* Poachers are there to kill fish and have no respect for the fishing season or legal angling methods

Observations/Objections to draft regulations should be emailed ( and/or posted.

For further information go to:


Emergency Meeting Calls for Slaney to Remain Open for 2017

Posted on by David

An Emergency Public Meeting of the Slaney River Trust, attended by 50 people held on Tuesday in Bunclody, called on Minister Sean Kyne to reverse the draft decision to close the Slaney for salmon fishing in 2017. The meeting voted by 98% to call for the Minister to meet a delegation drawn from all parts of the river to hear why, for conservation purposes, it is essential that the river remains open in 2017.

The meeting expressed its disbelief that it was proposed to close the river due to low stock levels when following the removal of over 200 salmon and 2,000 seatrout from the tailrace of the Clohamon weir at the end of July by electrofishing which were put in above the weir ( with apparent significant mortality ), large numbers of fish are still trapped in the tailrace today.

Since then no attempt has been made to release them or the many other fish which have subsequently become trapped. Without immediate action none of these fish will be able to spawn representing a potentially massive loss to the river’s stock.

It was agreed that this situation must be addressed urgently by Inland Fisheries Ireland, the Department and the local County Councils and a solution found to both prevent fish entering the tailrace and to address the long term issue of waterflows over the weir.

Detailed points made by participants at the meeting included:

In the absence of reliable counter information it was felt that the analysis behind the decision to close the river was largely based on the result of this year’s electrofishing. Concern was expressed as to the electro fishing procedures adopted. Also the 2016 numbers for juvenile fish in some areas will have been significantly affected by the wash out of redds by the exceptional flooding experienced last winter which was a one off event.

The objective of closing the river is to reduce salmon mortality. Closure is likely to increase salmon mortality. The reason is that properly handled fish caught on single barbless hooks returned to the river suffer minimal losses. Based on 2015 catches of 191 fish ( all returned ) a mortality rate of 5% would have resulted in the loss of say 10 salmon. However closure would mean poachers would have easy access to poach. It is not unreasonable to think poachers could take 10 salmon per week or more during the season.

It was accepted that the most important reason as to why the closure would be a conservation disaster for the river was that the absence of legally licensed anglers would mean the policing effort against poachers would be greatly diminished. The staff of Inland Fisheries Ireland do good work but are very under resourced. There should be no doubt that poachers will kill all fish that they take, will use illegal methods of angling and have no respect for close seasons. There have been a number of instances in recent years of spawning fish being taken from the redds. The river is close to the road and wooded for much of its length. Inland Fisheries Ireland cannot adequately police the river without the information flow from licensed rod anglers. The presence of licensed anglers on the river clearly deters poachers.

Information was not available to the meeting on the scientific analysis which led to the decision to close the river because it has not been made public.

All SRT members, anglers on the river and other interested parties were urged to write to the Department expressing their opposition to the closure. The consultation period closes on 11 December and letters of objection should be sent as soon as possible.

Minister Proposes Closure of the Slaney to Salmon Fishing in 2017

Posted on by David

The Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment has given statutory notice of his intention to close the River Slaney to salmon fishing in 2017.

It is important that anyone opposed to these proposals should submit their observation/objection during the available consultation period. Please click on the following link for additional information:


Public Consultation – Re Proposed Closure of River. 7 pm Tuesday

Posted on by David

The Slaney River Trust is holding an emergency meeting in Redmonds, Bunclody at 7 pm on Tuesday 22nd November. All members and other interested parties are welcome to attend. The focus of the meeting will be to consider how best to respond to The Department’s draft proposal to close the river to salmon fishing in 2017.


Posted on by David

Over 200 salmon and over 2,000 sea trout have been removed by Inland Fisheries Ireland from the Mill Race at Clohamon during a rescue operation carried out on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th July. Significant numbers of fish were trapped as a result of breaching the screen (click here for image) at the end of the tailrace. As in previous years, it appeared to be damaged allowing large fish to enter the tailrace in addition to huge numbers of sea trout. It is also clear that many fish trapped would have entered regardless of any damage to the screen. This incident reconfirms what most of us already know, that the Hydroelctric operation and associated Tailrace at Clohamon is an environmental disaster for migratory fish on the river Slaney. This latest incident has highlighted the importance of finding a sustainable solution in preventing fish entering the tailrace. The Slaney River Trust have been constantly emphasising how vital it is that a solution is found. The Slaney River Trust have a meeting scheduled with IFI next week.

Poacher Charged for Killing Slaney Salmon

Posted on by David

An illegal fisherman who who caught and killed a salmon while trespassing on the river Slaney has been charged €600 (in addition to costs). The case was brought by Inland Fisheries Ireland.  Click here for more details.

Slaney Rodfishers & Slaney River Trust Accounts 2015

Posted on by David

Please click here to review the Slaney Rodfishers Accounts and here to view The Slaney River Trust Accounts.

If you have any questions feel free to email

Fishing Report 30 May 2016

Posted on by David

Fishing in May continued in the same pattern as March and April with small numbers of fish making a dash for the upper reaches. Some of these were intercepted by those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time but fishing has been patchy. Most beats have had fish and some anglers have had up to 3 fish in a day. This warm dry weather could well put an end to the Spring fishing for 2016 and the hope now is that the sea trout arrive. The first trout usually run at the start of June with the peak usually being the last week in June and the first week of July. There is also the hope of a summer run of grilse and salmon, which could materialise, as it did in 2012 when the main run of fish was very late, providing excellent sport in July.

Workshop: The Role and Formation of River Trusts in Ireland

Posted on by David

In conjunction with the Irish International Fly Fair, the Dibney River Conservation Trust and the Atlantic Salmon Trust invite you to attend this important workshop.

Attendance is free but places are limited and you must book a place online

Date: Friday, 1st July 2016
Location: Killyleagh Community Centre, Killyleagh, Co Down,
Time: 09.30 to 16.00

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • To bring together the existing River Trusts in Ireland and those planning on forming Trusts, to share experiences and advice.



Posted on by David

The Board has become aware that high levels of poaching are currently taking place along the river, particularly from Clohamon to Tullow. The poachers are using worms, which is currently forbidden and fish are being killed. With the high majority of anglers fishing legally, and returning all fish, it is infuriating to know that there are a small number of fisherman showing a total disregard for the law.  We would encourage anglers to immediately report any incidence of poaching they witness to IFI and also copy any reports to The Slaney River Trust ( IFI can be contacted on 1890347424 (24 hours a day – for Pollution and Poaching).

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