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Chairman’s Report 2020

Posted on by David

Dear Members,

I hope you are all well and coping with the virus situation. I think most SRT members have refrained from fishing following COVID guidelines. There has been a good run of salmon into the Slaney however and some people have been fishing rightfully. There also have been quite a number of illegal anglers taking advantage of the COVID situation and seemingly have caught quite a number of salmon. The IFI bailiffs are limited in the work they can do this year but have given tickets to some of those illegal fishermen.The Tullow club have decided to open fishing again to members with strict advice to follow government guidelines in relation to COVID. Part of Tullow club fishing is a government fishery and this will remain closed until the government lifts the restriction off their fisheries. Some presence on the river might restrict some of the poaching. Prior to this whole covid situation the SRT had been making great progress in relation to the tail race screen at Clohamon. Thanks to the tremendous work of Kris Murphy, the final stage of design for the screen is being decided upon with the owner there. Planning application will then be submitted. Hopefully we will be ready to construct the new screen when covid restrictions are fully lifted. Quite a number of salmon and over 3000 sea trout were trapped again last year so it is vital that we continue our efforts to complete the project at Clohamon. It was our intention to hold our Annual general meeting before the start of season this year however this was decided against due to the virus outbreak. We will consider having one at a later date should restrictions be lifted and we feel it safe to do so. Even though this is a difficult time the SRT board is still active and proactive with IFI for the protection of the river so I urge everyone to keep paying their membership, it is needed to help continue our efforts to better the fishing on the Slaney and would be very much appreciated.
Take care
Richard Burgess  ( Chairman)

If you can please support the SRT despite Covid 19.

All the work carried out by your board is on a voluntary basis. We are working on your behalf on many critical issues along the river. We are working on the Clohamon Millrace project, and are making good progress in relation to finding a solution to the catastrophic grid issue. We are involved in implementing a system to protect the river from poaching, including recruiting additional water keepers. We provide anglers with an excellent river gauge and provide fishing reports on a regular basis through-out the season. We invest in insurance for all our members.

These important items consume many man hours and incur considerable expenditure, all of which are funded by membership subscriptions alone.

The subscription amount for 2020 is unchanged at €50. As in previous years, it includes Public and Personal Accident insurance cover.

Payment can be made by:

  1. Posting a cheque to Thomas Mernagh, Ballybawn Lane, Rathnure, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford made payable to Slaney Rodfishers Association.
  2. Via our PayPal facility.
  3. By direct transfer with your name as reference to:

BOI                                   Slaney Rod Fishers Current Account

Account Number             62533355

IBAN                                IE62 BOFI 9065 6662 5333 55

BIC                                   BOFIIE2D

Thank you very much to those who are joining for the first time and to those who support every year.

SRT Guidelines

Posted on by David

Apologies for the delay in offering guidance in relation to the salmon angling season due to commence on Wednesday 1st April. We decided not to advise up until now due to the ever changing regulations and restrictions and feared an early statement could well have led our members astray. However, IFI issued the following Covid – 19 update below, providing some clarity for us.

What IFI have said it that it is not illegal to go fishing. However, for those who do venture out they must not breach the current regulations. Anglers must not be further than 2km from their home and practice all social distancing procedures. After this anglers must have permission from the fishery owner/club to fish and must carry a salmon licence. As you will see from IFI’s report licence sales from IFI (including online) have been suspended and they have also recommended distributors do not sell licences. IFI have also closed all state fisheries.

The Slaney River Trust also understands that the majority of fisheries and clubs along the river Slaney have decided to close until Sunday 12th April at the earliest. Based on this our advice is to refrain from fishing for the time being and wait for the government and IFI’s guidance and direction.

It is so hard with this beautiful Spring weather to not have the opportunity to wet a line, but our time will come, sooner if we all heed the government’s advice. We will issue further updates over the coming days and weeks.


Posted on by David

Covid-19 Update for Anglers

Last night’s announcements (Friday 27th March) saw further restrictions put in place by government to reduce the impact of Covid-19 and save lives. Due to the extraordinary times we are now living in I am writing you as a salmon angler to ensure you are up to date with how the current situation affects angling in Ireland.

If you wish to continue to receive these updates and other salmon angling news please subscribe to the Irish Angling Update mailing list.

Covid-19 Notice – Fishery Closures

Effective March 28th, 2020 all IFI managed fisheries are now closed until further notice.

Many private fisheries and clubs have also closed their waters. Make enquiries directly with fishery owners or clubs.

Covid-19 Angling Guidelines

IFI has received input from the Department of Health in relation to the drafting of these recreational fishing guidelines and wish to advise as follows:

At present there have been no specific restrictions placed on recreational angling under the current Covid-19 guidelines however anybody intending to fish must ensure that they adhere to the latest advice on Covid-19.

All IFI managed fisheries are now closed.

Anglers, angling clubs and fishery owners are advised to adhere to Government and HSE guidelines, to take normal safety precautions when fishing and in relation to Covid-19 should take the following into consideration:

  • Leaving home may only be undertaken for brief individual exercise – within 2 kilometres of your house. (You can bring children but must keep 2 metres away from others for social distancing).
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Reduce social interactions
  • Anglers should remain 2 metres apart (roughly one rod length) from each other and other members of the public
  • If applicable, anglers should check that the fishery is open in advance of fishing
  • Fish only if legally permitted to do so
  • Anglers need to be aware that they are in areas that are not routinely disinfected or cleaned and use all precautions to keep themselves and other safe from Covid19

Permits and licences are no longer for sale on-line. IFI approved distributors are recommended to not sell licences or permits on behalf of IFI at this time.

Following the HSE and the Government’s advice in relation to the delay of COVID-19, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has closed all offices. IFI staff are working from home.

At this time the only way to contact IFI is by email and telephone. Contact details are available at the Contact us page of our websites. Office phones are diverted to staff who can deal with your query. Under the circumstances there may be delays in replying to your query.

IFI staff will respond to emergency calls as appropriate.

Licence and permit sales have been suspended and IFI has closed all state managed fisheries.

IFI has a 24 hour confidential hotline 1890 34 24 74 through which members of the public may report incidents of illegal fishing, water pollution and invasive species which will continue to operate. Please be aware that our service provider is experiencing a high volume of calls at this time.

If you do intend to go fishing you should adhere to the guidelines for getting outdoors responsibly published by Leave No Trace.

You can keep up to date with all our Covid -19 updates here.

Stay safe at this time.
Yours in angling,
Myles Kelly