Slaney River Trust Objectives

Until the late 1960s the Slaney was perhaps the primary Irish spring salmon river and one of the best in Europe, but since then has seen a serious decline in the number of fish running the river to the extent that the river had to be closed for a number of years and is now catch and release only as stock levels are below conservation limits.

The primary objectives of Slaney River Trust are to protect, improve and rehabilitate the stocks of salmon and other indigenous fish including sea trout and brown trout along with the ecology, animal and plant life of the river, its valley and tributaries.

In 2002 specially commissioned report “A Plan for the recovery of the Slaney Salmon Fishery” made a series of recommendations on the rehabilitation of the river including the establishment of a river trust. . A follow up report was completed in late 2010 and issued in 2011

Details of some of the work carried out in a development programme for the river and its salmon stocks based on that report are set out in the Conservation and Ecology Section.

In total, €409,000 was spent in the period 2004 to 2008 on the development programme which was funded as follows:

EU grants under the Interreg 3 A programme – €252,000.

Donations from angling clubs and fishery owners – €52,000.

Staff of the Central Fisheries Board and the Eastern Regional Fisheries Board – €105,000.

Our current focus is on:

  • collecting detailed scientific information on salmon and sea trout stocks. In particular to identify the areas of the river where spring salmon spawn, the size of the run of salmon, the split of multi sea-winter and one sea-winter fish in the overall stock and the size of sea trout stocks and where they spawn
  • the implementation of measures to enable more salmon to reach the spawning beds
  • monitoring the river environment for incidents of pollution and to become actively involved in the elimination of such incidents
  • working with local communities in the Slaney Valley and with national and local government to further our Objectives